david hasselhoff apr 2011 gi David Hasselhoff recalls 'The Hasselhoffs': 'I think it was on the wrong network'David Hasselhoff had a very short run with the reality series about him and his two daughters, but he claims it served its purpose anyway.

The “Baywatch,” “Knight Rider” and “America’s Got Talent” alum saw exactly two episodes of “The Hasselhoffs” air before A&E canceled it last December. Now as then, he takes it in stride, especially since the show has had a full run in England and has one upcoming in Germany — countries where he’s also a music superstar.

“‘Knight Rider’ got horrible reviews, and it was a success,” Hasselhoff tells Zap2it. “‘Baywatch’ got slammed, and it was another huge success. ‘The Hasselhoffs’ got great reviews, and I said to the girls, ‘We’re in trouble. People like this show.’ We weren’t ‘Hoarders.’ Maybe we should have moved all our furniture out on the front lawn and screamed, but we’re not like that.

“We’re a strong family that bonds, that loves life, and that works hard at what we do. I wanted to make the show a true replica of what our lives are about … not some exploitative, crazy, ‘let’s see how far we can go’ thing, To be honest, I think it was on the wrong network; there were other networks that wanted to buy it, but [A&E] didn’t want to sell it.”

Nevertheless, Hasselhoff is pleased the show highlighted daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley‘s “quest to become pop stars. I did it because the girls said, ‘Hey, Dad, can you help us get into the music business?’ I didn’t really know how to do that in America, but I told them, ‘I’ve been offered a reality show, and it could be interesting if they follow us around and we highlight your music career.’ And they said, ‘Yeah! That’s what the Simpsons (Jessica and Ashlee) did! Let’s do that!'”

Hasselhoff is about to sample reality TV again: He’s one of the featured celebrities who share monikers with ordinary folks on “Same Name,” which CBS debuts Sunday, July 24. Hasselhoff is glad to do that show for a reason he also made “The Hasselhoffs,” deeming them chances “to invite the press in and show them, ‘This is who we are,’ rather than just reading what they say about us.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin