david hasselhoff hitler David Hasselhoff rocks Hitler garb on stage in LondonAs if David Hasselhoff wasn’t already a buffoon in the eyes of most sentient beings, he’s gone and done something stupider than drunkenly eating a cheeseburger while his teenage daughter captures the scene for YouTube.

What now? Well, the actor and popular (in Germany) singer Hasselhoff took to the stage on Sunday (March 4) in London in a variety of costumes, including his Baywatch garb, a cowboy kit, a long-haired wig and bloodied shirt and — most disturbingly of all — dressed as Adolf Hitler.

According to Buzzfeed, the Hoff-Hitler was singing a song from “The Producers,” but without the context of the entire Mel Brooks-created musical to put it in perspective, the guy just kind of seems like he wanted to dress up in his SS costume.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson