david lee roth 2012 youtube David Lee Roth: Van Halen overscheduled and canceled shows due to 'unnecessary roughness'Just days after Van Halen announced they’re canceling 31 tour dates, lead singer David Lee Roth took to the Internet to explain exactly what’s going on with the group.

Roth, who dons overalls and stands in the woods during the video, says that the band is really just too busy for their own good. It is this, he says, that caused them to sack the string of shows.

“As usual, we bit off way more than we could chew when it came to scheduling,” Roth says. He adds, “The band is winning, but our schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness.”

As for the rumors that the rockers are really just suffering from infighting, Roth does his best to quell any of that concern.

“The band is getting along famously – better than we have in quite some time,” he says.

He then goes on to say that the group will hopefully tour for the next two years in what Roth calls a “super-sized, monster-truck-rally Van-Halen tractor-pull sort of event. And we’re going to be bringing that back around through the United States.”

Hopefully that’s the case.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein