chelsea handler david letterman late show David Letterman and Chelsea Handler trade insults on 'The Late Show'A couple days after her naked shower fight with Conan O’Brien, Chelsea Handler continued her tour of late-night shows she doesn’t host by lobbing insults at David Letterman.

Handler was a guest on “The Late Show” Friday (April 5), and after discussing the O’Brien incident for a moment, they turned to all the shakeups in late-night TV of late.

“Nobody can keep their job for very long, it seems,” Handler says. “I mean, you’re lucky to have a job over here at CBS.”

“I’m lucky to have a job, period,” Letterman replies. “I don’t care where — I’m lucky to have a job. Mowing lawns — I would be lucky to have a job mowing lawns.”

Handler: “Well, yeah — you’re a small man.” She tries to save it by saying Letterman is from a “small town” (although Indianapolis isn’t exactly little), and they move on — briefly — to discussing Jay Leno‘s departure from “The Tonight Show.”

Handler says Leno left her a voicemail message and asks Letterman what she should say when she returns the call. He ignores the question, then asks, “Do you ever have moments like this on your show where you know it’s going nowhere? What do you do when that happens on your show? Let’s work together and we’ll figure this out.”

Then it’s back to the “small man” stuff. “You’re very dainty for a man, you have to be honest,” Handler says. “And I mean that in the nicest way possible. …

“You’re kinda hefty for a broad,” Letterman retorts. “I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

Handler, clearly not insulted, rolls with it: “We all know what you’re talking about,” she says, grabbing her chest.

You can see the whole jokey-testy exchange here:

Posted by:Rick Porter