davidletterman 02 apology lateshow 290 David Letterman does (another) top 10 on Sarah Palin's bookDavid Letterman once again dipped into the Sarah Palin comedy well Monday, offering up a Top 10 list of surprises in Palin’s memoir “Going Rogue.”

There were the usual jabs — references to Palin’s interview with Katie Couric during the ’08 campaign and Levi Johnston — but if it seemed to have a bit of a familiar ring, it wasn’t just you.

Monday’s list is the second Top 10 “The Late Show” has done on “surprises” in Palin’s book. He and his writers put together another list back in May, when the book was announced. Like Monday’s it also included references to Couric and snowmobiles, in addition to cracks about Alaska’s proximity to Russia.

So let’s do a little compare and contrast. Monday’s Top 10 is below, followed by the similar list from six months ago. Are the writers recycling, or was the new one different enough from the old to work on its own?

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Posted by:Rick Porter