David Letterman has some theories about why there’s been so much focus on whether Jay Leno will leave “The Tonight Show” at NBC. According to what he propositions to “Rock Center’s” Brian Williams, it’s all been done to take the focus off of the drama at “Today.”

“One thing led to another and then there was Matt Lauer, who everybody loved — where in the world is Matt Lauer?” Letterman asks. “Trouble. Had something to do with Ann Curry. It was crazy so NBC said ‘We gotta put an end to this because it’s the ‘Today Show.’ So now they come up with these crazy stories about the other end of the programming day, the ‘Tonight Show.’ So now all that conversation comes up to get people’s minds off that Matt Lauer stuff. If I’m on to something, blink twice.”

Williams, who seemed beyond uncomfortable during Letterman’s proposition, refused to blink or acknowledge the theory in any way. If Letterman is correct, it seems as though NBC’s alleged scheme worked pretty well. People are so busy focusing on who will take over “The Tonight Show” and when Leno will leave that they’ve mostly forgotten about the “Today” shakeup — except, of course, when it was revealed that NBC wouldn’t let Ann Curry send Robin Roberts a sympathy tweet over her illness.

Do you think Letterman is on to something here?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz