The person who broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater — home of “The Late Show with David Letterman” — didn’t do a whole lot of damage to either the theater or himself. So the incident was fair game for Letterman at the taping of Monday’s show.

“It’s not just a talk show — this is an active crime scene,” Dave joked at the start of his monologue (a piece of which is above). “… I’m told now that Jay [Leno] has an alibi.”

He then showed “security footage” of the incident — Paul Shaffer cursing Letterman and rampaging through the lobby with a baseball bat. That’s not what really happened, of course: TMZ reports that Jimmy Whittemore, 22, was arrested early Sunday (July 10) on charges of third-degree burglary and criminal mischief after allegedly kicking in the theater’s glass doors and causing about $5,000 in damage to the lobby and box office. Whittemore told police he was drunk, TMZ says.

Letterman also devoted Monday’s Top 10 list to the “Top 10 excuses of the guy who broke into the Ed Sullivan Theater,” with items including “It was on my list of places to ransack before I die” and “Thought the place was abandoned.”

Posted by:Rick Porter