Jimmy Kimmel got a chance to interview his TV idol, David Letterman, on Wednesday, and he did not try to hide his fandom.

In a long, occasionally awkward but ultimately very good-natured segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel and the usually interview-averse Letterman talk about the aftermath of Sandy, Kimmel’s long-standing admiration of Letterman — including a picture of a license plate he once had that read “L8 NITE” — fly fishing and a list of questions Kimmel has always wanted to ask him, such as whether Letterman is on Facebook (no) and if he cooks (sometimes).

Kimmel also repeatedly looks for ways that he and Letterman can be buddies. He suggests fly fishing, a barbecue — even forming a softball team, which prompts a question from Dave.

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“What is it about your life you find unfulfilled?” Letterman asks. “What can I do for you that you haven’t been able to do for yourself?”

“Just live with me for a month,” Kimmel replies. “I feel like that would change everything.”

“I kinda feel like that’s what I’m doing tonight,” Letterman cracks.

As the interview winds down, though, Letterman offers some sincere congratulations on Kimmel’s impending move to 11:35 p.m., which we’re guessing had Kimmel beaming for the rest of the night.

Part 1 of the interview is at the top of the post. Follow the links for part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

Posted by:Rick Porter