David Hasselhoff has apparently recuperated well enough after his latest relapse (Click HERE to read about that bender) to attend the fashion shows during yesterday’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox and toast the latest trends, I mean, check out the latest intoxicating looks. 

But considering how well-lubricated these Smashbox fashion events tend to be, this might not be such a  good place for a recently relapsee to be hanging out.

But hey, David had his daughter with him to help hold him up. Besides, he may look a little ragged around the edges, but looks can be deceiving. And look, he’s only drinking Fiji water! Have a little faith, people!


Photo Credits: David sure has a white knuckle grip on his daughter’s hand at the LA fashion shows. Is it time for another one of her videotape sessions with Dad? We hope not!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead