With her soccer star hubby David Beckham sidelined for six whole weeks, will Victoria Beckham have to bring home the bacon?

Maybe, according to Posh is already earning moola with a cameo (which means no smiles, folks) as a celebrity bridesmaid on an episode of "Ugly Betty" this season. She’s also launched her fragrance line and her fashion line and will start her Spice Girls reunion world tour in December. Refresh my memory, did these Spice Racks ever even have a hit song?

Meanwhile, are the Galaxy folks starting to realize that they bought a lemon?  And will Victoria be happy with a house husband? David may have to kick off his rumored Hollywood movie career, which — some snipe — is why he accepted the L.A. Galaxy gig anyway. Hey, I bet they paid big-time moving expenses.

Don’t keep reading unless you want to remember when Victoria wasn’t such a fashion icon…

Photo credit: Does anyone want to see these Spicettes sing and dance again?


If Posh ever decides to do a Vegas stage act, she could definitely dust off this cheesy frock.

Photo credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead