Maureen-McCormick.jpgThe Monkees singer Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack on February 29th at the age of 66. He’s been remembered by fans, family, friends and co-stars. Today (Mar. 1), “The Brady Bunch” star Maureen McCormick talks about Jones and says a public goodbye.

If you recall, Davy Jones was a guest on “The Brady Bunch” and shared two on screen kisses, chaste, of course, with McCormick’s character Marsha. She gets him to sing at her prom and he asks her to be his date. This is one of the most rerun episodes of the show.

McCormick tells TMZ, “Davy was a beautiful soul.” She says that the teen heartthrob “spread love and goodness around the world. He filled our lives with happiness, music, and joy. He will live on in our hearts forever. May he rest in peace.”

Check out the famous kissing scene below. 

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