Davy-Jones.jpgMonkees member Davy Jones passed away on February 29th of an apparent heart attack. We’ve been singing Monkees songs all day in his honor. We also learned that he might have had a place on “Dancing With the Stars,” who’s Season 14 cast was announced the day before.

His wife Jessica Pacheco, who just happens to be a professional dancer told PBPulse that he’d turned down a chance to be on the show just last year. She said that he would have won for sure, especially if they competed together. “The only problem we would have is me letting him lead!”

We can’t begin to explain how much we would have loved to see him on the show. Hopefully someone will dance to a Monkees song in tribute to the beloved singer. Perhaps a paso done to “Daydream Believer.”

Posted by:jbusch