Confirming what I told you yesterday, CW president Dawn Ostroff informed reporters at Upfronts this morning that the pilot revolving around Serena's mom circa 1980s is still in contention for midseason: "In all honesty the "Gossip Girl" spin off [is something] we'd like to find a place for as the season goes on. But we have to wait a minute and see where we are." 

Ostroff said the network was in a very fortunate position, having produced just six pilots, all of which were strong candidates for pick up. "It was the toughest deal we've ever had, figuring out what to cut, because they all were really, really good," she shared. 

Ostroff went on to explain that The CW will reevaluate later in the year, but will likely pick up a reality series for January launch, as well as another scripted show."

The possibilities of course include, among others, the "Gossip Girl" spin off and "Body Politic," a D.C.-based drama starring Brian Austin Green, Jason Dohring and Minka Kelly.

"Parental Discretion Advised" — formerly titled "Light Years," about a foster kid that finds her biological parents who haven't spoken since the one-night-stand which produced her — has already made the midseason schedule.

So what are the chances the "Gossip Girl" spin off is a go?

Word is, the "Body Politic" pilot turned out really well, but that it doesn't fit with The CW's vision of itself as well as the "GG" brand does.

Plus, Ostroff seems pretty happy with the "GG" spin off, saying producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage did an incredible job with it and that it doesn't need a lot of development, it's absence from the fall schedule was really just a matter of not yet having enough room for it.


-Additional reporting by Rick Porter

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh