dawsons creek reunion hal ozsan 'Dawson's Creek' reunion on 'Dancing With the Stars': Who did James Van Der Beek sit next to?There are probably only six people in the world who care about this. Luckily, three of them work at Zap2it.

James Van Der Beek stopped by the taping of tonight’s “Dancing With the Stars” to promote his new show, “Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23,” because cross-promotion is what ABC does best. Van Der Beek’s wife wasn’t able to join him because she’s got a newborn at home, so he brought another date — and our hearts sang when we spotted him.

“Bonus points for the DC fan who can tell me who I’m sitting next to at DWTS…” the Beek tweeted.

Duh. His plus-one was Hal Ozsan, who appeared in 14 episodes of “Dawson’s Creek” over the course of the series’ last two seasons. Ozsan played Todd Carr, a temperamental director who ended up taking Dawson under his wing and showing him the ropes of the film industry. They didn’t exactly get off to a good start (video below) but in the end, Todd had a hand in Dawson’s success.

Ozsan is also known as a creepy teacher on “90210,” a witch on “Supernatural,” and as Michael Cassidy on “Kyle XY.”

Honestly, we just love seeing that the two old co-stars are still pals. Now if he could just give Katie a call…

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie