gi combat dc comics DC Comics adds 6 new titles, including 'G.I. Combat' and 'Batman Incorporated'Hey comic book fans, DC Comics just added six new titles, including an updated take on its vintage war comic, “G.I. Combat.” On Wednesday (May 2), the comic publisher also launched “Earth 2,” “Dial H,” “Batman Incorporated,” “World’s Finest” and “The Ravagers.”

The buzziest among them — “G.I. Combat” — is a tale of modern-day U.S. soldiers fighting the war on terror but with a fantastic spin. Two operatives discover something in the Sea of Japan in the book’s first chapter, titled “The War That Time Forgot.”

It’s a lot like `Predator,'” writer J.T. Krul tells the Associated Press. “It’s what they’re trained for — confronted by this unbelievably challenging and difficult environment — like being surrounded by dinosaurs!”

“Dial H” is an update on the publisher’s “Dial H for Hero.” “Earth 2” is a new spin on the Justice Society of America. “World’s Finest” features heroines Huntress and Power Girl.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson