Tonight’s cuppa: decaf coffee

Thumbnail image for Keith-Colburn-Wizard-Deadliest-Catch (2).jpgA couple of weekends ago, Jake Anderson, a deckhand on the F/V Northwestern — one of the crab-fishing boats featured in Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” — got married, with his mentor, Capt. Sig Hansen, performing the service.

(Click here and here for my stories on the big day, including pictures.)

Capt. Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard, also featured on “Catch,” was unable to attend the nuptials, but he’s a big fan of the happy couple.

“Jake is phenomenal kid,” he says. “He is a kid that is moving upwards. You know what, he’s the next generation. They can make whatever kind of TV they want, about whoever they want, but Jake is the guy who’s going to be there down the road, when us old-timers think about moving onwards.

“I’m so excited, especially after all he’s been through, with his dad missing and his sister dying, and everything else. He’s got a beautiful bride. Jenna is amazing. I’m really excited.

“At the same time, the poor gal, my God, talk about a honeymoon. ‘Honey, I’m going fishing.’
Deadliest-Catch-Jake-Anderson-Jenna-Patterson-wedding.jpg I tortured my future bride for five years straight. It wasn’t that fishing was more important than family, but when you’re a kid, and you’re trying to move up, you’re trying to build a career, you’re trying to become a captain, you have to apply yourself. You have to dedicate yourself; you have to really work hard.

“You need a spouse, you need a gal at home that’s going to be your number two, who’s going to be your bulletproof person that’s going to say, ‘I don’t like it, but I’m going to support you, because I know eventually you’re going to be there for me.’ Yeah, you are going to miss maybe your son’s first steps, whatever, you’re going to miss all these little moments in life. But at the same time, you’re doing it for your family.

“I’m going to give huge props to Jake’s wife for being who she is. He’s trying to provide for her and the family and doing it right. He’s committed to excellence. He’s an excellent kid, and he’s going to go long way.”

FV-Wizard-Deadliest-Catch.jpgLast Tuesday, viewers saw Colburn and his crew deal with a medical emergency involving greenhorn Chris Scambler, who has to be taken off the deck by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Watch Zap2it’s “From Inside the Box” blog in the next few days for more on that — and check out the video at the bottom of this post — but this weekend, Colburn is in Indianapolis and his focus is on Sunday’s Indy 500 race.

After appearing in the Saturday parade and promoting his crab catch at a local grocery store, Colburn says, “On Sunday, I’m gong to have a really good time. I’m watching the Indianapolis 500. It’s cool, isn’t it? You know what’s even cooler? I got to go to the Kentucky Derby a couple weeks back. That’s like the coolest thing of all time. Oh, yeah.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare