Deadliest-Catch-Time-Bandit.jpgThe good folks at Discovery Channel were kind enough to pass along to Zap2it fans this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s (June 4) “Deadliest Catch” episode, showing the Bering Sea crab-fishing fleet enjoying audio of a Seattle Seahawks playoff game from January.

But when the crew of the F/V Time Bandit — captained, for opilio-crab season, by Andy Hillstrand — decides to celebrate in the usual way, something goes very wrong.


Also, as “Deadliest” devotees know, Jake Anderson, a deckhand on the F/V Northwestern — and the protege of its captain, Sig Hansen, who performed his wedding ceremony — decided to seek advancement by moving over to the high-end fishing vessel Kiska Sea.

Anderson is still at sea, fishing (you’ll have to keep watching to see on which boat), but he did have something to say on Twitter in May after his fight — seen in the May 21 episode — with fellow deckhand Matt Bradley, his emotional confrontation with first-time blue-crab captain Edgar Hansen, and the distress that pushed him to make a major life change. He hasn’t tweeted since.

“DC episode was a tough moment, but when you work with people you love that’s what you will get. Ill [sic] be signing off thanks for watching.” (May 22)

“Thanks for watching me be complete [expletive deleted] idiot, and enjoying me exploit my families tragedies for a penny I feel awesome! Goodbye.” (May 23)

(Anderson is likely referring to the untimely death of his sister, Chelsea, in 2009, and to his father’s 2010 disappearance. Keith Anderson’s remains were found in 2012.)

From Discovery comes this look at what lies in wait for young Anderson at his new gig …

Posted by:Kate O'Hare