deadliest catch michael bear rogers 'Deadliest Catch': Flesh eating bacteria attacks former 'Wizard' deck boss Michael "Bear" RogersFormer “Wizard” deck boss Michael “Bear” Rogers who worked on the “Deadliest Catch” crab boat before the show began has been battling necrotizing fasciitis – flesh eating bacteria. Even scarier? He has no idea where he contracted it. He’s now lost a leg to the bacteria.

“They said ‘Mrs. Rogers we may have to take both legs up to his hip,'” his wife Cheri says. In an interview with NWCN. His daughter says that if he’d waited to treat the excruciating leg pain another day back in 2002, he might not have made it. “I’m glad to be alive,” Rogers says.

He didn’t know the leg was gone at first. He says, “I told them whatever you do, please don’t amputate my leg and the nurse said ‘we already did.'” The family says they want to increase awareness so people get themselves treated faster.

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