jake anderson deadliest catch 'Deadliest Catch': Jake Anderson on deck and in chargeAs fans saw in last Tuesday’s episode of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch,”
deck boss Edgar Hansen didn’t show up for opilio-crab season on the F/V
Northwestern, leaving former greenhorn Jake Anderson, protege of Capt.
Sig Hansen
(older brother of Edgar), in charge of the deck.

The Bering Sea in January 2011 didn’t exactly let Anderson ease into the position.

tell you this,” he tells Zap2it. “It blew almost every day and night. I’m in
charge of the deck. Edgar didn’t show up this season. He was mentioning
it, so the deck was left up to me. The first day, it blew 50 knots, and
the rest is history from there.”

The rough weather just kept on coming.

took a big wave over the bow,” recalls Anderson. “It was blowing 60
knots. It flooded the whole deck, and it flooded the port side.”

One of the deckhands got so drenched that he had to go change clothes, leaving the deck one man short when something unexpected happened to one of the huge crab pots.

he was changing,” says Anderson, “a line popped out of the block. We
put it back in the block, kept going, and we pulled [the pot] up. I hooked it
up, with the picking hook, and then the bridle snapped and the pot went
flying in the water.

“We pulled it up, pulled it on deck all
cockeyed, smashed a few things around. We set it on deck, fixed it. That
was the scariest.

“But if you watched it, you wouldn’t even
notice what happened. It all happened so fast and got taken care of. A
normal person would see it and not even understand it, because it was

“Everybody is really a professional. It happened so
fast, and it got taken care of the right way. Nobody even said anything.
Edgar wasn’t there to yell at everybody.”

Asked if he missed the
presence of Edgar Hansen, from whom he had taken his share of abuse,
Anderson says, “I missed him, actually. Everything that I know is
everything he does, that he taught me. So, a lot of times, I was out
there yelling at everybody.

“Everything that I knew is everything that I learned from Edgar’s way of doing things.”

the other fishermen, Anderson is particularly close with Johnathan
. He co-captains the F/V Time Bandit with brother Andy
, and is also a close pal of Josh and Jake Harris, sons of
the late Capt. Phil Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie.

also suffered loss, with the disappearance of his father, Keith Anderson, during the
2010 opilio season, a mystery which has yet to be solved. Anderson says
Hillstrand was one of the guys who helped him get through that time and the months afterward.

love John Hillstrand with all my heart,” says Anderson. He always took
care of me. I would do anything for him. John always called me, always
made sure I was busy. ‘What are you doing? You want to go out and do
this … You want to shoot fireworks? You want to go on a boat ride?’

“I’m there [on the boat], and I’m having just, I don’t know if anyone could be having a more miserable time than I was that day.

gets on the Skype, like, ‘Do your f***ing job! You stay there, you do
your f***ing job, and then you go home!’ Those are his words exactly. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, John,
you’re seriously yelling at me now? I’m not going anywhere. I don’t
think I could get a ride even if I wanted to go home.'”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare