Josh-Harris-Cornelia-Marie-Deadliest-Catch.jpgOn Tuesday, April 22, “Deadliest Catch” launches its landmark 10th season on Discovery Channel, with political hurdles and a surge from the next generation of Bering Sea crabbers.

As fans know, last season, Discovery and Original Productions couldn’t come to terms with Josh Harris, the new owner of the F/V Cornelia Marie, the ship formerly captained by his late father, Capt. Phil Harris.
The saga of the Harris family is close to the hearts of “Deadliest” fans, and the absence was keenly felt. But when cameras descended once more upon Dutch Harbor to chronicle the 2013 king-crab season, Discovery reports that Josh Harris was back, as owner and captain of the beloved blue-and-yellow vessel.
Apparently, Harris picked a tumultuous time to return to “Deadliest,” as a government shutdown keeps the fleet in dock past the scheduled beginning of the crab season. Last October, Keith Colburn, captain of the F/V Wizard, went to Capitol Hill to testify in front of the Senate Commerce Committee about the impact of the shutdown on the fleet.

Calling in to Zap2it shortly after leaving the hearing room, Colburn said, “I have a problem with little skirmishes and squabbles in D.C. that can shut down tons and tons of businesses in all sectors of the United States to make a point politically — that’s when I have an issue.”
Meanwhile, on the ever-profitable F/V Northwestern, Capt. Sig Hansen’s 18-year-old daughter, Mandy, is making her debut as a deckhand, a job dominated by men. But she does get a vote of confidence from her uncle, deck boss Edgar Hansen.

“Sig’s daughter, Mandy, she’s a little workhorse,” Hansen tells Zap2it. “She loves it. She loves the boat. Who knows where this will go?”
To help fans catch up, Discovery will air a special “Deadliest” recap show on Tuesday, April 15. Also returning on April 22 is “The Bait,” the series of one-hour “pregame” shows, in which the captains give an inside look at each episode before it airs.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare