elliot neese deadliest catch 'Deadliest Catch' star Elliott Neese accused of harassment via text“Deadliest Catch” star Elliott Neese has just been slapped with a restraining order after his baby mama accused him of harassment, according to TMZ. According to court documents, Valerie Gunderson and Neese haven’t been copacetic for a long time.

Gunderson alleges that the captain of the Ramblin’ Rose has been drinking, possibly using drugs and harassing her by phone and text. She claims that on February 13th, Neese sent her 15 text messages and called her 38 times in less than an hour. She also claims that he called her 54 times in one evening.

Even scarier? She says that Neese told her mom, “If I can’t have [Valerie] nobody can.” She also claims that Neese has a history of domestic violence, with two particular incidents involving an attack and destruction of property. The judge has issued a temporary restraining order. The site was told that Neese is out fishing and couldn’t be contacted.

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