sig hansen large 'Deadliest Catch's' Sig Hansen's Top 10 reasons he should be on 'Dancing With the Stars'Sig Hansen, captain of the F/V Northwestern, featured on Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” — returning for a sixth season on April 18 — has ambitions that go beyond just catching more crabs. He wants to dance, and he wants to do it on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Unfortunately, Sig didn’t get the call he hoped for this time around. But like any good fisherman, he hopes for better luck in the future. 

As previously reported, the “DWTS” lineup will be announced during the season finale of “The Bachelor” on Monday, March 1. So, Hansen figured he’d make his case to Zap2it for the Top 10 reasons why the “Dancing” producers should toss the line his way…
1. His lack of innate talent.

“Because I’m not that good of a dancer, and it would be a challenge. It’d be fun.”

2. The bucket list.

“You only live once. Even though it would be for a very short while and very short-lived, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

3. Real vs. real.

“Reality TV would hit reality TV in a hard way.”

4. The possibility of highly entertaining onscreen conflict.

“I don’t think I take criticism too well, so it would be a blast. Let’s face it, you come at me, I might have to turn the tables and let ’em have it. If Bruno [judge Bruno Tonioli] came at me, I would have to retaliate. Donny Osmond would kiss him. I wouldn’t kiss him; I’d put him in a stranglehold.”

5. Educational opportunities.

“The quickstep would be a tough one, which would be fun to learn. I think the waltz would be fun. It looks easy.”

6. Dancing in the dark.

“Isn’t it a direct correlation between the paso doble and your sex life? Isn’t there a direct link? Well, hallelujah!”

7. His wife would like to see him dressed as a matador.

“Anytime after 10 o’clock, yes.”

8. He’d like to see himself dressed as a matador.

“After four drinks, yes. Oh, yeah.”

The chance to represent.

“Think about it, there hasn’t been blue-collar on there. There’s been all these ex-sports figures. Why not a blue-collar guy?”

10. Spandex is not an issue.

“It’s fine. it’s a challenge. Let’s face it. If you’re the manliest of men, and you’re not in touch with your feminine side, then you’re in denial.”

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Photo credit: Discovery

Posted by:Kate O'Hare