Ryanreynolds_290 Deadpool, “the merc with a mouth,” is getting his own soapbox on the big screen.

Ryan Reynolds, who played the Marvel Studios wise-cracking mercenary in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” will spin off to reprise the character in his own project for Fox Studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch “Wolverine.”


In “Wolverine,” Reynolds plays the mouthy Wade Wilson, who’s skilled with the katanas. Only later does the Deadpool character come into play when the Weapon X project continues with Wade, with some deviations from the original Marvel character, such as having his mouth sewn up and being imbued with many, many powers beyond just healing.

It’s uncertain how much Fox will restore the Deadpool’s comic book characteristics since he’s supposed to be disfigured and Reynolds is, well, pretty.

Your thoughts? Did you catch that extra Deadpool scene at the end of “Wolverine”?


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