“Friday Night Lights” star Scott Porter says he’s gotta pick the New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl on Sunday.  
“I’m rooting for the Saints. Such a great story,” says Porter at the premiere of his new film, “Dear John,” based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. “They represent the city of New Orleans and how it’s rebuilt itself.”

]]>Porter will watch the big Sunday game at a party with friends, hosted by himself and a high school buddy from Florida, Jamie Linden, also a screenwriter on “Dear John.” 

Here’s the trailer for “Dear John.” Watch closely and you can see Porter get slugged by his costar Channing Tatum. One guess who gets the girl, played by Amanda Seyfried.

Moving on to “Caprica,” Porter raves about his new show on the SyFy channel.
“We just wrapped the first season. It’s such a different show, so unique in that it has that “Battlestar” quality. There is such talent on that show, from the top down.”
“I’m excited to see how it does,” says Porter. “It’s the type of show that can hold its fan base from “Battlestar” but also bring new people in… They took the outer space epic out of it and put in reality and made it more grounded. I think it will attract more viewers because of that.”
What do you think of “Caprica” so far? Are you liking it or missing “Battlestar Galactica?”
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