tracy morgan jon stewart toby maguire 'Death at a Funeral's' Tracy Morgan: Why he's holding out for $75 Tobey Maguire owes himDon’t try to get Tracy Morgan to watch “Spider-Man.” He’s still holding out for that 75 bucks Tobey Maguire owes him.

If you caught Morgan on Jon Stewart‘s “The Daily Show” Thursday (April 15) night, you didn’t learn much about Morgan’s new movie, “Death at a Funeral.” But you sure heard a lot about the unsettled debt between the “30 Rock” star and the action hero.

A guest in the audience told Stewart (pre-interview) to ask Morgan if the reason he didn’t go see “Spider-Man” was because the star owes him $75. Much to Stewart’s surprise, Morgan confirmed it, saying 75 bucks was not too small an amount to hold a grudge.

“A lot of people out there willing to do something strange for a little bit of change,” says Morgan.

We also learned Morgan’s thoughts on golf and Tiger Woods:

“Elin knew he was cheating. That’s what golf’s about. It’s about getting out of the house and getting away from your wife. It’s golf! It don’t take no 16 hours to shoot 8 holes.”

Yes, he said “8” holes.

Plus, we got the inside scoop on how you know you’ve made it in Hollywood — and evidently it has to do with how you’re treated at Burger King:

“I know I’m A-list because I went to Burger King yesterday and the fat girl behind the register put an extra whopper with cheese in my bag … and two extra apple pies. And then she winked at me. That’s when you know you’re at the top!”

Stewart hardly gets a word in edge-wise throughout the interview and doesn’t know quite what to make of Morgan’s ramblings — but he’s definitely intrigued, signing off, “Tracy Morgan, I would like to follow you around for a week.”

So would we.

“Death at a Funeral,” co-starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson, hits theaters Friday, April 16.

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