debbi fields supermarket superstar 325 lifetime Debbi Fields 'worried about' Mrs. Fields Cookies, seeking bigger role againFor the Mrs. Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies, weekly television exposure is coming at a very good time.

In the early 1990s, Debbi Fields sold the company she’d put her name and stamp on, though she has remained its main spokesperson. She’ll continue in that role as she serves as a judge of others aiming to start food-product lines on “Supermarket Superstar,” a Lifetime competition series premiering Monday, June 22.

Fields hopes her presence on the show also will signal something else. “I have not been involved in the company’s operations in 13 years,” the pleasant, energetic Fields tells Zap2it, “and what amazes me is that the brand still survives.

“I was fanatical about quality, and I told the people I worked with, ‘The most important thing you want to register is not the cash register. You want to register the smile on your customer’s face.'”

Fields explains, “Mrs. Fields is actually owned by two equity firms now, and I’m worried about the product. I’d very much like to see that what I built 35 years ago has the product integrity, so I’m in discussions with the principals, and I’m hopeful that they might allow me to shed some insight on why I think it’s so important to make that the foremost position.”

The concern exists for Fields now, she says, because “the Mrs. Fields cookie recipe that I created has dramatically changed. It breaks my heart, and I would really like for them to go back to the basic recipe, which is seven to nine all-natural ingredients. That does matter to me — and the nice thing is that they’re listening.

“Now, listening is one thing and acting is another,” Fields acknowledges, “and I’m hoping they will hear me out. I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for my loyal customer base. I really am.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin