debbie reynolds carrie fisher sag awards 2015 lifetime achievement award Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's SAG Awards speech carries on their mother daughter act

If you had any doubts that Debbie Reynolds is still a queen of Hollywood, her Life Achievement Award acceptance speech at the 21st Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Sunday (Jan. 25) will correct you very promptly. 
Of course, before Debbie can impress you with her quick wit and bold humor, her daughter Carrie Fisher (“Star Wars”) proves why she is the only one that could present her mother with such an honor. Carrie’s introduction of her mother’s impressive Hollywood reels comes with jokes about their family’s sordid marital past (the famous Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor scandal), her mother’s unsolicited hovering and the truth about growing up the daughter of a Hollywood legend. Carrie’s intro for her mother was self-aware, self-deprecating, and funny without being mean. 
Naturally, Debbie isn’t one to be outdone. She took the opportunity to get back at her daughter by bringing up Carrie’s legendary Princess Leia buns from “Star Wars” — causing the actress to hide behind her mother’s trophy in embarrassment. It proves that Debbie, even at age 82, hasn’t lost her entertaining or motherly edge when she can still make her daughter want to hide in public. 
Both women added a special spark to the ceremony that honored 2014’s best acting performances on both television and film. Check out the full speech below. 
Posted by:Megan Vick