TMZ has learned the Debbie Rowe — the ex-wife of Michael Jackson who gave birth to his two oldest children — has settled her custody issues.

Sources tell TMZ that Rowe agreed Katherine Jackson will be the guardian of all of Michael's children, subject to the judge's approval.

Rowe will get visitation of the two children she had with Michael.

But curiously, Rowe has demanded not money but a psychologist who will visit the children and help them adjust to her.

Isn't that a bit late?

I mean, their father was horribly surgically disfigured; made them wear masks, hoods and cloaks in public for most of their childhood; and appears to have had — and very possibly died from — a serious longtime drug addiction.

Now they get a shrink?

File this under "High Time."

What do you think about Debbie's shrink rap? Does this make you think better of her?

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