Tribal Council comes, and Coach professes to feel very safe. Seeming to enjoy doing so, Jeff takes another shot at the myth of Coach. But Coach, the man, doesn’t drop his act for a second. Jeff next presses the group to foreshadow a blindsiding this evening, but the tribe remains coy about their vote. Taj does not play her immunity idol, and Debbie is voted out. She leaves without Coach discovering her betrayal, though he might figure it out on his own.

Coach must know that he is not in control of the game at this point, and we’ll have to see how he reacts. I’m certain that he believes he can step up, win immunity challenges, and slay all manner of dragons, but I’m not so sure he can. He hasn’t proven himself a particularly great competitor so far, and his stock in the social aspect of the game at this point is nil. The best thing he has going for himself is that Taj isn’t a very desirable as a person to be going up against in a finals situation, and the trailer for the next episode alludes to the notion that Erinn is self-destructing (although that could be editorial trickery on the part of CBS.)

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski