debra messing daniel zelman Debra Messing, Daniel Zelman explain why they live together post separationWhen news of Debra Messing‘s split with husband Daniel Zelman hit the media, everyone was surprised — particularly given the fact that the couple apparently separated a year ago, but is still regularly seen around town at events and parties together. We were even more shocked to learn that Messing and Zelman still live together in New York with their 7-year-old son, Roman.

Now, reps for the couple have explained to Us that the split is so extremely amicable, they’re not even planning to get an actual divorce any time soon. “They have no immediate plans for divorce,” reps say.

They will, however, eventually live separately. “In the short term they plan on continuing to live together with their son, then gradually transition into a new living situation,” explains the rep.

If only all break-ups were so easy. “The separation was entirely mutual. They have been a couple for twenty years, and the nature of their relationship simply changed over time.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie