deion sanders pilar getty Deion Sanders accused of holding wife 'financial hostage'The ugliness that is the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce is reaching new heights of low. TMZ is reporting that, according to court filings, the football great held his future ex-wife “financial hostage” and offered her money in exchange for sex.

Following their late Dec. 2011 split, Pilar claims in court documents that Deion canceled her credit cards, leaving her with no way to support their three children. As a result she filed an emergency motion for a Texas judge to intervene.

According to the filings, Pilar Sanders claims that “since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given [Pilar] $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors.”

It adds that Pilar Sanders “turned down the money.”

She adds that the lack of cash is making things difficult on her and their kids, saying, “The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable.”

There’s no doubt going to be more. But how much more unsavory can it get?
Posted by:David Eckstein