deion sanders divorce gi Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders officially divorced: NFL star tweets marriage advice

Deion Sanders and Pilar Sandersnasty split is finally over. The former NFL player took to Twitter to announce that the “drama” came to an end on June 28.

“Thank God Thank God! This 2 year Drama filled divorce is over. Prenup stood, Custody of All kids,pay yo own fees! God is Faithful! Truth,” he tweets.

But Sanders didn’t stop there. He shared some key advice for other men looking for their dream women: namely, don’t let good looks deceive you.

“Men Listen closely! Don’t choose a woman with your Flesh choose her with your Spirit & Heart. Yo flesh will Lie until yo flesh die. Truth,” he adds. “Thru Trials&Tribulation u get a chance 2 witness many people around u & how they may vary from situation 2 circumstance. Learn & Live! Truth”

Unfortunately for Deion, his ex-wife’s attorney says the case isn’t quite over yet. Dallas News says several of Pilar’s claims, including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and mental and physical abuse, will by heard by a jury in a separate case.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz