deiondra sanders bikini basketball league Deion Sanders' daughter Deiondra joins Bikini Basketball LeagueDeion “Primetime” Sanders has one of his children following in his athletic footsteps — sort of. His daughter Deiondra has joined the Bikini Basketball League. She tweeted the above picture several weeks ago, captioned, “Getting ready for basketball practice.”

Deiondra tells Toronto’s Fan 590 that it’s not quite as salacious as it sounds.

“At first I was a little discouraged but then I found out that we
only wear sports bras and spandex. We’re not running down the court in
bikinis, which I know many of you wish we was. So once I found that out I
wasn’t discouraged at all,” says Deiondra.

Deion wasn’t that pleased when he initially found out, but the lack of actual bikinis seems to have calmed his fears.

“My dad was kind of upset, but that’s like any parent who just sees bikini league. He thought I was gonna be out there in a bikini. He [saw] a picture of our uniform and stuff like that, so I think once he saw that we’re actually covered up a little bit, he wasn’t as concerned,” says Deiondra.

Deiondra has been signed to the Atlanta Peaches. There are eight teams altogether — the Peaches, the Chicago Crave, the Illinois Heart, the Los Angeles Ice, the Miami Spice, the Minnesota Mist, the Orlando Lady Cats and the Philadelphia Diamonds.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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