deion sanders pilar getty Deion Sanders live tweets domestic dispute with estranged wife PilarIt looks like the divorce between Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar Biggers, just got a little bit uglier thanks to his live-tweeting of what he claims is a domestic violence incident in which Pilar and a “friend” attacked him. But the former football/baseball superstar is drawing criticism for using Twitter to publicize the alleged dispute, especially since his children were apparently involved.

On Monday (April 23), Sanders tweeted:

That was soon followed by another:

And, finally, by a photo of himself and two of his children allegedly filling out police reports about the incident.

Whilte some of Sanders’ fans were sympathetic, many were astounded that he would take the time to tweet a private family incident while the police were apparently still on scene at his home.

“@DeionSanders live tweeting domestic violence? That’s a new one…,” writes one.

Another adds, “Deion Sanders should have just given TMZ the story & gave his side at a later date like a real playa. Hes taken a big L on this one.”

And another: “Deion Sanders tweeting himself filling out police reports killed off any hope I had left for humanity.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson