Demi Lovato seeks to tell a true American love story in her new music video for “Made In The USA.” The beautifully shot video clearly draws its inspiration from Nicholas Sparks novels, but has a much happier ending than his books usually do.

Do the two leads in the video look familiar? They should, because they’re “Friday Night Lights'” Aimee Teegarden and “90210’s” Dustin Milligan. Lovato co-directed the video as well.

“I’m SO happy you guys love my video!!!! This was such an incredible experience co-directing.. Glad you guys are happy with it!!!” Lovato tweets. “I dedicate my video to all of the troops, anyone who has passed away over seas and to this INCREDIBLE country that I’m so thankful 4..”

What do you think of Lovato’s new video?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz