demi lovato glee spinoff fox Demi Lovato won't sign on for a New York 'Glee' spinoff no matter how badly we want itIt’s clear to anyone watching Season 5 of “Glee” that the best part of the show has nothing to do with the underdog glee club of McKinley High School and everything to do with the gleek grads trying to make it in showbiz in New York City. The highlight of the latest New York vignettes has been Demi Lovato (as Santana’s love interest) and Adam Lambert (as a flamboyant, awesome pop singer — hard acting job, bro) joining Kurt, Rachel, and Santana’s band.

There were rumors of a New York-based spinoff before, and a show following the antics of the Demi/Adam/Kurt/Rachel/Santana supergroup would clearly be amazing. Unfortunately, Zap2it pitched our ideal (completely hypothetical) spinoff to Lovato after “The X Factor” on Thursday night and she essentially crushed our dreams (very nicely, though).

“No [I wouldn’t sign on for that]. It’s fun but not that fun — just kidding,” she jokes. “It is a good experience, but I think ultimately my main thing is singing. Maybe movies once in a while if the right role comes along, but it is still hard being in front of the camera when you have suffered from eating disorders. I still don’t watch my episodes back. It is hard.”

Fair point. Very fair point. But she’s in a very good place right now, with special thanks to the book of affirmations she just released, “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year.” “This book helps me continue to help me love myself, and it changes my self-esteem and my thought process,” she says. “I just feel a lot happier. I feel great.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley