ashton demi june 2011 gi Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher reunite for Kabbalah serviceWe’re into the following-every-move phase of tracking Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher amid the scuttlebutt that their six-year marriage is in trouble.

While we’re not privy to just what they had for breakfast on Saturday (Oct. 1), we can tell you that the couple did spend some time together on Friday. They were photographed leaving the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles after a service Friday morning.

According to X17, the couple did their best to avoid paparazzi as Kutcher pulled their car to a side door of the Kabbalah Centre and Moore got inside. Both were wearing wedding rings, for what that’s worth.

Neither Moore nor Kutcher has made an official comment via their reps on the various rumors. They’ve also been fairly quiet on social media for the past couple days.

Posted by:Rick Porter