demi moore mud bath amansala mexico Demi Moore mud bath pics make 'Bikini Bootcamp' look enticing

The internets, they are a buzzing over photos of Demi Moore in a string bikini, covered head-to-toe in mud on a beach in Mexico. 
Demi — who seriously looks amazing at the age of 50 — was participating in a detox-centered “Bikini Bootcamp,” and you can too if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat.
Amansala’s Bikini Boot Camp has locations in Tulum, Mexico (where Demi was paparazzi’d) and Ibiza, Spain. For around $2,000, fitness fans get a week of wellness, which they spend detoxing, doing yoga, belly dancing, writing, and — obviously — hanging around the beach caked in mud.
A fellow bootcamper who said she took classes with Demi says of the actress, “She’s built like a 19-year-old … she was looking super sexy.”

Here’s a little taste of what Demi and her classmates did at Bikini Bootcamp. Looks like fun, right?

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