DeniserichardsdaughtersEven after being told by a judge Thursday that she wasn’t going to be able to modify her custody agreement with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards went to court a second time, Monday, to try to do just that.

Surprise, the judge said "no dice."

Fern Wender, attorney for Sheen, stated: "Charlie was very happy with the court commissioner only granting the innocuous portions of what Denise was asking for, and denying everything else. The court commissioner did not find any emergency to justify changes to the current custodial arrangement."

This is the second time in three court days that Richards asked two judges to modify the custodial arrangements for Sheen, and on both occasions she lost.

“Charlie only wants what is best for his young children," said a spokesman for Sheen.

"It is unfortunate that Richards and her attorney are trying to create a media circus to help her promote her reality television series."

He’s got a point. The media had definitely been alerted to this new custody-changing court date.

"There were cameras everywhere,” said a source. "Were any of them from her reality TV show? You do the math."

According to Denise’s camp, things turned out just peachy.

Her lawyer, Neal Hersh, said on TMZ, "What Charlie’s reps are not telling you are the orders the judge made specifically directed toward Charlie. Charlie keeps on trying to talk about a winner or a loser, but clearly no one would consider those orders a victory for Charlie. As usual, he was simply trying to attack Denise rather than focus on his children." 

Hersh added that today’s order "will finally force Charlie to focus on his children."

Huh? Isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle black? Or are there two kettles? Or two pots? I’m so confused.

Photos: Don’t these two poor little pawns look happy being dragged to an event by Mommy to publicize her reality TV show?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead