Denise Richards took time off this morning from shooting her reality show, "It’s  Complicated," to go to court. Click here to see video of her arrival!

Richards told Ryan Seacrest this morning that Charlie Sheen "had taken her court."

We’re not sure, but this could have something to do with the fact that the kids didn’t — as Sheen claimed in his statement about that vile voicemail — show up for their visitation earlier this week.

Oh, this could get ugly. Stay tuned! We hear there will be a press conference with her lawyer later today.

Hope her reality-TV camera crew came along for the ride. This could be priceless footage.

Hey, got a sec? Also priceless, Denise’s fan club website….

Photo: Denise Richards takes her pretty little girls to an recent event to be used as, er, photographed for publicity for her show. Don’t they look miserable, er, happy?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead