Deniserichards_2Oh NO! According to the New York Post,  Denise Richards reality TV show, “It’s Complicated,” has been dropped like the hot potato it totally wasn’t.

Maybe Denise has been so busy tussling with  ex-husband Charlie Sheen over their children’s visitation, medical care, and to have the two young girls appear on the E! show, that maybe she just wasn’t giving it her best shot.

Although we will always fondly remember the highlights of her show, one of which was about her stud pig and the other was her giving a foul-mouthed what-for to an entertainment reporter for the unflattering way she was portrayed in the tabloid press.

Take that, you #$%^%%&&**?%&!

"The numbers started out pretty good – just over 1.5 million tuned in for the premiere episode," a source told "The Insider" yesterday. "But the audience has dropped off. " More like nodded off….

As for Charlie, his brand-new wife is having a baby.

Frankly, watching one episode of Denise’s show was enough to make one totally sympathize with Charlie. How did he ever marry that loud-mouth?

Are you surprised Denise’s show got canceled? Did you actually watch it?

Update: According to an E! Network rep, "the show has performed well
and discussions are still underway about a second season. No decision
has been made yet

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead