dennis hopper Dennis Hopper injured by paparazzi before Hollywood Walk of Fame honorsIconic actor-director-writer Dennis Hopper, looking frail, pale, gaunt, and wearing a bandage on his forehead and a cast on one hand, made it to his Hollywood Walk of Fame honors Friday (Mar. 26).

And he delivered what may be his final public speech.

]]> After his friend Viggo Mortensen praised his kindness, artistic spirit and unceasing curiosity, Hopper took the podium and spoke to the large crowd of fans. Suffering from advanced prostate cancer, Hopper explained to the large crowd of fans that he had been looking forward to this day and wanted to look his best for the event. Then he thanked the paparazzi for causing his injuries. He was walking outside his house and turned when he heard a man call his name. He thought he recognized the voice but it turned out it was just a paparazzi trying to get a shot. But turning around caused Hopper to trip and fall on the road, hitting his face. “I know you have a tough job,” he said to the pap-filled audience. “But maybe sometimes you should be a little more sensitive.” Fittingly, during his speech, Hollywood tour bus driver said on his loudspeaker, “We love you, Dennis.” Although he looked very thin and tired, his presence is still formidable, his mind sharp and his voice, at times filled with emotion and gratitude, was strong. “This means so much to me,”he said. “So thank you very much, everyone. And Hollywood..” Also in attendance, Jack Nicholson, Dwight Yoakum and all of Dennis’ kids including his youngest daughter by Victoria Duffy, Galen, 7. Victoria, whom Dennis is divorcing, was not present. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news
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