Dennis Hopper‘s friend Viggo Mortensen spoke at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony Friday (Mar. 26).

A frail and gaunt Dennis sat on the podium, his hand and head bandaged by a fall caused Thursday by a shouting paparazzi outside his home as Viggo spoke of his friend’s candor, artistry, curiousity, strength, and fearlessness.

]]>Victoria Duffy, spoke briefly afterward, explaining his injuries from the fall and expressing his gratitude for this honor and for his career and the life it afforded him.  If you look closely at the video, you will see Dennis’ “Easy Rider” costar Jack Nicholson standing behind the podium, wearing his trademark shades. Like the passing tour bus driver with a load ot tourists shouted, “We love you, Dennis!”
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Photo, Video credit: Elizabeth Snead

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