dennis hopper Dennis Hopper's wife tried 'to kill him', court docs allegeDid “Easy Rider” star Dennis Hopper’s third wife try to do him in?

Dennis’ assistant, Emily Davis, made the allegation in a declaration filed in her boss’s divorce battle with his estranged wife.

]]>In the docs, Davis claims she and everyone in the household were “at the mercy of [wife Victoria Duffy’s] cruelty” when Hopper was taken to the hospital last December. She claims that his wife “was trying to kill him.” Hopper is terminally ill with cancer and appeared in good spirits, although frail and gaunt, at the recent Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony where he spoke to fans about his gratitude for his star. Davis also claims Victoria “is a threat to all in the home and has already looted millions of [dollars in] property that is not hers.” Dennis’ daughter from a prior marriage, Marin Hopper — who’s actually older than her stepmother — called Victoria’s behavior “frightening. Oh, and she also accused Victoria of spreading “slanderous lies” to the media.
In response, Victoria tells TMZ: “Emily Davis’ claims are outrageous, horrifying, and not based on facts or reality.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news More Dennis Hopper:

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