Remember that bizarre, aggressive interview Dennis Rodman gave with CNN about his presence in North Korea? Well, the reason for his meltdown on camera is the obvious one: He was intoxicated.

The basketball legend and self-proclaimed Kim Jong-Un BFF says in a statement that he is embarrassed by his behavior. He also took back the implication that Kenneth Bae being detained in North Korea was the American’s own fault.

“I want to apologize,” Rodman says in the statement. “I take full responsibility for my actions. It had been a very stressful day. Some of my teammates were leaving because of pressure from their families and business associates. My dreams of basketball diplomacy was quickly falling apart. I had been drinking. It’s not an excuse but by the time the interview happened I was upset. I was overwhelmed. It’s not an excuse, it’s just the truth.”

He continues, “I want to first apologize to Kenneth Bae’s family. I want to apologize to my teammates and my management team. I also want to apologize to Chris Cuomo. I embarrassed a lot of people. I’m very sorry. At this point I should know better than to make political statements. I’m truly sorry.”

Rodman was in North Korea to celebrate Kim’s birthday. He coordinated an American basketball game with some North Korean players, and also sang “Happy Birthday” to the dictator.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz