dennis rodman north korea kim jong un peace gi Dennis Rodman plans to broker peace between North Korea and the United States

Dennis Rodman hopes to succeed where a war, decades of diplomacy and an armed border with South Korea have failed: The basketball legend hopes to return to North Korea in order to broker a peace deal between the Communist state and the United States.

According to, Rodman is planning a second trip to North Korea. He hopes to use his new friendship with the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to begin working toward peace and open relations.

In the meantime, Rodman will host a basketball clinic for North Korean children.

Rodman’s first trip to the notoriously isolationist country was more than a little controversial. The former basketball player and current “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant traveled to North Korea in late February, where he was photographed enjoying a basketball game with Kim Jong-un himself. Upon his return to the US, Rodman went on the news to encourage more relations between the two countries.

Since then, Rodman has apparently been made aware of North Korea’s human rights and international treaty abuses. His publicist says that the basketball player will be more circumspect in his opinion on the country’s leadership in the future.

Posted by:Laurel Brown