derek ricky gervais derek 'Derek' Christmas special may be the end for the British care worker

Ricky Gervais’ heartfelt comedy “Derek” about a British care worker aired its hour long Christmas special on Channel 4 on Monday (Dec. 22). Gervais and many of the cast members tweeted about the special and the emotional reaction it received from fans. 

What really makes it heartbreaking though is that Gervais recently said to English newspaper The Sun that the special may be the last hoorah for Derek and his lovable coworkers. 
“‘I was really tempted to do a third series of this for lots of reasons. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the working environment, it’s probably the best ever. We had so much fun on it,” Gervais says. “It was sad that it’s the end but you should always go out on a high.”
For many, “Derek” allowed viewers to see a different side of Gervais than the brass comedy of his Golden Globe hosting stints (However, those still in doubt should go watch Gervais’ “An Idiot Abroad” as well). The show, which follows a care worker that goes above and beyond for his day job at a nursing home, is a rave success in England. Fans have developed a real connection to Derek, his coworkers and the elderly that they assist day in and day out. 
The first and second season of “Derek” is available to stream on Netflix. The streaming company has not commented on the availability of the Christmas special at the time this article went to publish. 
In the meantime, check out some of the social reaction to the special. Spoilers were avoided, but you should still have tissues ready. 

Posted by:Megan Vick