dancing with the stars season 17 mirror ball derek hough amber riley abc Derek Hough on 'Dancing with the Stars': Ranking his five wins

Derek Hough has made “Dancing with the Stars” history yet again. The professional dancer won his fifth Mirror Ball championship with Amber Riley (“Glee”) in Season 17.

As the most winning pro in “DWTS” history, Hough is undoubtedly a dance winner. But how do Derek’s champion celebrity partners stack up against each other? We rank the celebs — Jennifer Grey, Brooke Burke, Nicole Scherzinger, Kellie Pickler and Amber Riley — in order of how they might do compared to each other.

In order to help this, videos of each dancer’s freestyle are included.

Kellie Pickler (Season 16) – 30 points

In what was essentially an over-the-top contemporary dance, Kellie looked every inch a professional dancer, putting as much into the performance as Derek, if not more. Plus, she made Carrie Ann cry.

Amber Riley (Season 17) – 30 points

That stepping is pretty awesome. Even cooler is the way that Amber can actually command the stage, even with half a dozen professionals behind her.

Nicole Scherzinger (Season 10) – points

One small lift mistake doesn’t negate the fact that this was an incredible, dance-filled performance. You can see why she won here.

Brooke Burke (Season 7) – 27 points

A bouncy and fun ode to “Grease” is always a good choice. This dance essentially won the season for Brooke — as it should.

Jennifer Grey (Season 11) – 30 points

She carried a watermelon! However, despite 30 points from the judges, this wasn’t the most exciting freestyle ever. And Grey never had the season-long competition that some of the others had.

Can Derek do it again after Season 17? Should he?

Posted by:Laurel Brown