Brainaustingreen_scc_240_002 At this point in time Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is juggling multiple storylines at once. We all have our favorites — the things we really want to learn more about every week. My favorites didn’t appear tonight. C’est la vie.

Tonight’s episode began with Sarah, for some unknown reason, having sent Derek to some sort of garage/warehouse-y type place to care of a teen girl and her mom who was 34 weeks pregnant and had been hurt by a "cyborg" which had been tracking them.

A flashback informed us that the woman and her daughter were members of the Fields family — the name appeared written in blood in the Connors’ basement. Six months earlier, Sarah and Cameron had been searching for them, but didn’t find the family fast enough. After meeting the Fields, on their escape from the Fields’ cabin, a Terminator found them.

Okay, that first flashback didn’t explain how the mom had gotten injured at all or how they ended up where they were. It was going to be one of "those" episodes. I don’t so much have a problem with the time-shifting, the flash-forwards, -backwards, and -sideways episodes, but I think Sarah Connor has been overusing them as of late. And it didn’t help that the show wasn’t just doing flashbacks tonight, it was also flash-forwarding to Derek’s future life.

Derek’s flash-forward took us to Serrano Point 2027, where he was arguing with one of his bosses about some suicide mission he wanted to go on. His boss figured that they should send "metal," Derek and his death wish wanted to do the job himself.

Out of curiosity, how much "metal" do you think exists on the good guys’ side in the future? It seems to me that the more we learn about the future the less we’re getting the story of a small group of human resistance fighters battling machines and more a virtually even battle between two groups of humans and machines, one has the machines in charge, the other the humans. That’s not a complaint, just an observation.

But back to our flashback, where the father, David Fields was proving to be a complete ass. Sarah asked him and his family the usual set of questions — do you have anything to do with robots, the government, the military, technology, etc., and they all denied any involvement. The daughter apparently didn’t like her dad so much though and told Sarah that he was absolutely involved in doing some banking (he was a banker) for some sort of robot-building company. David didn’t divulge the information himself because what he was doing was illegal.

See, now that was just plain stupid. I understand not believing Sarah when she first mentioned the whole "Terminators will take over the world thing," but surely seeing a Terminator come after him should have convinced him to divulge his little illegal activity. After all, it could have helped Sarah save his life.

Don’t worry, it only got more stupid as the mom, Anne, called the next door neighbor with whom she was having an affair and then destroyed Sarah’s Terminator electrocution trap to allow the next door neighbor into Anne’s not-so-happy home. Just as the fight among the humans inside really got going, the evil Terminator appeared. David, the martyr and fool, went out to fight the Terminator only to find out that he wasn’t the person the Terminator wanted. The Terminator wanted Anne’s unborn child, Sydney (who it seems was the neighbor’s progeny, not the husband’s).

Oh, and Derek’s little future mission had him going to Eagle Rock, some bio-infected (via the machines) place where he found the lone survivor to be… that’s right, Sydney, who also just happened to be immune to the disease that killed everyone else there. Learning that kind of took some of the emotional impact out of the question of whether or not Anne’s baby would be born in the present. She wasn’t.

I kid, I kid, obviously she was, it was Anne that didn’t survive the birth, but as someone had to die that wasn’t too surprising either.

Really the most surprising thing about tonight’s episode was that John didn’t make a single appearance, not one. They didn’t even give him a scene or two with Riley where she tries to dig her claws a little deeper into the savior of humanity. I guess that’s a good thing.

Other thoughts and maybe even a question:

  • Next Monday we get the "fall finale" of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which, from the clips, seems to feature Ellison teaching John Henry a little bit more about humanity, the world, and all those sorts of good things. I think that’s one of the best storylines the show has going right now, and I can’t wait to see where they take it.
  • As for my question of the week, I am dying to know your view on how you see the post-Judgment Day battle shaping up. Is the resistance really and truly outmanned and outgunned or are things looking up every day for the remnants of humanity?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser