desperate-housewives-ABC-settlement-nicollette-sheridan.jpgEarlier this month, Nicollette Sheridan filed her lawsuit against “Desperate Housewives” boss, Marc Cherry. Since then, ABC’s skeletons seem to have crept out of the closet.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Express, ABC isn’t looking forward to a showdown in court and they have been working on a settlement offer for Sheridan.

“Our legal team is working to get both sides together to see if they can help broker a compromise,” says a senior source. “This doesn’t mean that anyone is going to hand Nicollette $20 million to drop her action and walk away but there are various incentives that might be put on the table.”

So, why would ABC want to settle with the former “Desperate Housewife”?

The current cast of beauties banded together to support Cherry in a joint statement. In a separate statement, Teri Hatcher also denied Sheridan’s claim that Hatcher filed a complaint against Cherry.

]]>former staffers have pulled the curtain back on a man they say has been known to openly discriminate against female employees and say offensive remarks to the show’s stars. That seems to give some validity to Sheridan’s allegations of a hostile set.
But what of the alleged attack? Multiple sources, including star Eva Longoria Parker, have confirmed that there have been rumors of an altercation between Sheridan and Cherry in which the exec producer was demonstrating a scene where Sheridan’s character, Edie, gets slapped by her husband. Those rumors have been swirling for about two years, but only one eyewitness has come forward and they side with ABC. According to the witness, Cherry merely tapped Sheridan on the forehead while talking to her about a scene. It’s obviously a complicated mess and ABC may want to just quietly clean it up with a settlement to Sheridan. Do you think ABC should settle out of court with Sheridan? Follow Zap2it and TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Nicollette Sheridan dish: ‘Desperate Housewives’ scared to cross Marc Cherry, says source
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Marc Cherry hates women, say former staffers Photo credit: Getty Images

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